The cosmetic aromatherapy line DIVINA ESSENTIA arises from long-term research of experts in the field of herbal medicine, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. All raw materials are carefully selected and approved by our team of natural biologists.

Essential oils act both physically and mentally, giving new energy, relaxing the mind and instilling happiness and joy.

Our cosmetic formulator, Dr. Barbara Burroni, has a degree in natural sciences to address biological specializing in naturopathy and holistic medicine, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. She became consultant of these disciplines for several years now at her center of natural and holistic medicine “The Neem Tree” in Florence (

Our products are developed in a certified and qualified laboratory in organic and natural cosmetics. They are formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and contain 23K PURE GOLD and 99.9% PURE SILVER.

Our goal is to promote a safe and effective natural cosmetics, meeting all the needs of the skin and allowing the woman to maintain a healthy and glowing skin over time.

All products are completely natural, contain no synthetic  substances and have not been tested on animals.